International Federation for Information Processing

The committee for the 2019 IFIP TC-11 Kristian Beckman Award (Simone Fischer-Huebner (Swedish delegate to TC-11), André Zúquete (Representative of SEC 2019), and Steven Furnell (Chair TC-11)) conferred the 2019 award upon Prof. Ravi Sandhu, Executive Director and Chief Scientist at the Institute for Cyber Security, University of Texas at San Antonio, with the following motivation:

“Prof. Ravi Sandhu has made a significant and long-term contribution to the field of information security in research, education and promotion.  He has made pioneering and seminal contributions in the area of access control and authorization systems, including role-based and attribute-based approaches.  The award also recognises his significant contribution to the wider cybersecurity community, including his role as founding Editor-in-Chief of ACM Transactions on Information & Systems Security and as founder of several ACM conference events.  Prof. Sandhu has made extensive contributions to the education of students and professionals, including the supervision of numerous doctoral dissertations, the development of cybersecurity curricula, and the ongoing delivery of advanced courses at University of Texas at San Antonio”.

Ravi accepted the award, and delivered a keynote talk entitled ‘Access Control Evolution and Prospects’, at the award session during the IFIP SEC 2019 conference in Lisbon, Portugal in June 2019.

Steven Furnell, TC-11 Chair


Ravi Sandhu KBA

Prof. Ravi Sandhu (left) and Steven Furnel (right) during the 2019 IFIP TC-11 Kristian Beckman Award ceremony