International Federation for Information Processing

The committee for the 2013 IFIP TC-11 Kristian Beckman Award has decided to confer the award on Dorothy Elizabeth Denning, Naval Postgraduate School, USA.

During more than 35 years as researcher, scholar, and teacher Dorothy Elizabeth Denning has again and again explored new aspects of information security. Moreover she was a pioneer to explain the importance of information security within computer science, e.g. with her work on statistical database security and tracker attacks, as well as with her book “Data Security and Cryptograhy” published as early as 1982. Also Dorothy Denning’s 1999 book “Information Warfare and Security” is considered as foundation for this topic. Her contributions have been made with the aim to protect individuals, especially when the maelstrom of panic and ignorance to technical facts threatened to overwhelm the fair trial and judgment every individual is entitled to.

Kai Rannenberg
Chair TC-11